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Our Learnings and Findings in a nutshell

​We work and collaborate under one shared purpose and aim to bring people, orgnisations and academic science together. We wish to inspire others and encourage them to break with the taboo that "Pay" is too complex to change or to emotional to discuss. That's why we are always on the hunt for good examples and research - and give back what we have learnt so far on our own journey.

New Pay Report

#NEW pay Report 2021/22

A validation that new pay is relevant for all types of organisations

New Pay Report 2021.png

In many organisations, compensation is regarded as an operational process that ideally runs silently in the background. "Money is not something you talk about" is a common belief. But if so much is changing in our working world, shouldn't we also take a look at compensation? Have the needs of employees and organizations changed in terms of compensation? And if so, how?


In cooperation with Pforzheim University, we have now taken a scientific look at the connection between New Work and New Pay. Within the framework of two master's theses, we have investigated both the New Pay dimensions and the connection between different compensation approaches and the cultural maturity of organizations. We focused on these core questions:

  • What is the relationship between corporate culture and compensation?

  • Is it possible to differentiate compensation approaches according to cultural maturity? 

  • What effect could or should the cultural maturity of an organization have on the design of the compensation system? Is there a need for culturally appropriate compensation? 

  • Can correlations between the New Pay dimensions be identified?


The research project employed both theoretical methodological models and two empirical studies. The research design of the studies includes a qualitative expert survey and a quantitative online survey. With more than 200 participants from different industries and across all company sizes, the studies allow for comprehensive insights. Our aim is to provide inspiration, helpful ideas and recommendations for designing an effective compensation system in practice.


Enjoy reading.

Client Work

Every journey is unique and enrichiung

We are companions to our clients. We understand that a tool or a method will not lead to transformation. To some of our clients, we are trip advisors on their transformation journey. To some, we are critical friends to challenge shortcuts or a fixed mindset. And to some, we provide expertise, tools and training to combine an open mindset with the right skillset.


The companionship with our clients is built on trust and for the future. This might sound odd, but we have succeeded when our clients feel equipped and comfortable to lead the transformation themselves, and when we are no longer needed.

Enjoy some of our latest client engagements and get inspired by their own new pay stories.

Client Work

#Eyeo, Germany & everywhere

How an agile Tech company radically rethinks its approach to organisational structure & compensation by aiming for transparency & automated processes

EYEO puts you in control and creates a thriving online ecosystem by developing, monetizing and selling ad filtering technologies. The company with 200+ employees is headquartered in Cologne, with offices in Berlin and Malmö and remote employees in more than 30 countries. EYEO works with a truely agile mindset and embraces flexibility, collaboration and autonomy as teams work together and asynchronously to accomplish ambitious goals.

Their compensation model was build to balance organizational and people needs. EYEO involved their teams in designing salary processes and experimented in a brave and progressive fashion to offer fair salaries for remote employees and freelancers. However while growing their business and changing their teams and structure, some of these ideas started to backlash.

To provide a high level of transparency and flexibility, we decided to redesign their initial pay approach and created a salary framework that automates salary processes along the employee lifecycle while respecting their remote set up. Their demand for transparency resulted in a salary formula that is applied in a consistent way to avoid unclearity, remove bias and treat all people fairly.

Image by Echo Wang


How an agency adapts to employee feedback instantly & reworks their
performance reviews & salary processes

Goodpatch is an independent design company with 200 employees spread across studios in Tokyo, Berlin and Munich. Driven by the mission to prove the power of design, they create sustainable value for people, organizations, and the planet.

In 2021, the German branch launched a new performance review process and tied results of their performance evaluations strictly to salary bands. Company values, organisational design and market practices helped to create a unique model, but a true buy-in from employees was not achieved.

In an attempt to capture employees' feedback and create a second and better version of this process, Goodpatch embraced self-organization and appointed a project team with broad decision power to build a system for the team by the team. 


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Topics of the month around New Pay, Agility, New Way of Working etc. You can find more articles in the BLOG.

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