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We want to build relationships not tickets

Yellow BC helps to elevate your compensation practices out of the black box and into the light by looking for real opportunities – not blueprints. Together we aim to design the systems and processes that value your people, your culture, your organisational structures and capabilities. Every company has its own starting point and ambitions – let's find out together how you can get started to be able to tell your own New Pay story.

Meetups & Events

Meetups & Events

Where we walk the talk

Power, Purpose and Pay - Conference


Unleashing the Potential of Self-Organization & Decentralization


September 28th & 29th, 2023


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Yellow Beyond Consulting (BC)


Yellow Beyond Consulting (BC) stands for brightness and visibility of reward practices that have been kept in the dark for too long. The classical Comp & Ben consulting product consists of blueprint solutions that lack the heart and spirit of your organisation. The adoption of such a blueprint will eventually end up as a black box – a system where data flows in and out, but the processes and business drivers remain unknown. 


Beyond Consulting is the acknowledgement that it takes more than a smart system to drive change. It takes people to apply common sense and a business reality check to balance objectives, structures and ambitions with rewards and recognition for individual and team contributions.


Yellow BC combines its passion for people processes, data-driven HR analytics, creative thinking during transformations and creates comforting support for leaders and their support system - the HR team.

Yellow BC


Wide Spectrum of Expertise

Yellow BC collaborates with a variety of partners to meet our clients’ needs. If an aspect of your challenge falls outside of our scope of expertise, we will reach out to our international network of partners to ensure high quality solutions, insights in latest trends and practical use cases. This enables us to provide you with a rich portfolio of expertise, tools and events. Rest assured that we will always seek your consent before collaborating with our partners or referring to any third party.

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