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transformation with courageous people

How do you disrupt the industry without courageous people on your side? How do you transform your business model without people who trust your story and jump on board to drive the change? Do you provide the right tools, the right environment, and values to make it work? Do you agree that the difference between your business and the market is how your employees excel and leave a real impression in their field? If you want your people to make this business shine, you will have to offer something beyond the benchmark.


companions on transformation journeys

We are companions to our clients. We understand that a tool or a method alone will not lead to transformation. To some of our clients, we are trip advisors on their transformation journey. To some, we are critical friends to challenge shortcuts or a fixed mindset. And to some, we provide expertise, tools and training to combine an open mindset with the right skillset.

We work and collaborate under one shared purpose and aim to bring people, organisations and academic science together. We wish to inspire others and encourage them to break with the taboo that "Pay" is too complex to change or to emotional to discuss. That's why we are always on the hunt for good examples and research - and give back what we have learnt so far on our own journey.


Food for thought
deep dives and fun facts

Be inspired by monthly changing articles on topics around New Pay, Agility, New Ways of Working, and more in 'Yellow BC's BLOG'.

And take a look at the 3 highlights of the past 3 months in 'Quarterly Reflections'.

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Meetups and Events

New Pay: The path to fair compensation

Sarah Maximilian will give two workshops on New Pay at CoCon22 on 31.05. and 01.06. 


contact Yellow BC

Feel welcome to rethink your own transformation journey and your compensation model. Together, let's make it our mission to improve your employees' experience and ensure that everyone in your organisation shares the same understanding about pay and beyond. 

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